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5 Popular Texas Hill Country Caves

When you think of Texas, you might think of a flat, rolling plain with little to no vegetation and plenty of rock formations. What you might not know is that beneath the the boots that walk and work the dry landscape are hidden gems, teeming with interesting discoveries. Caves with beautiful formations and completely out of this world atmospheres are abundant here in the Lone Star state.

1) Cave Without a Name

Cave Without a Name is a cave about eleven miles away from Boerne and forty miles away from Downtown San Antonio. Although it’s a bit on the outskirts of Central Texas, it is definitely worth the trip out. Cave Without a Name is some ninety miles beneath the Texas surface, and it gets cooler the further down you go, so it’s a great way to beat the Texas heat. The cave is filled with spectacular formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites and fragile soda straws, which have accumulated over thousands of years.

2) Inner Space Cavern

Another cave that doesn’t get much press, but is definitely worth the visit is the Inner Space cave system. The cave was named Inner Space because it looks like a completely different world than Earth. The cave system was originally discovered during the construction of Interstate 35. The system itself houses many interesting formations and is known for holding remnants of prehistoric animals such as the Wooly Mammoth and the Saber-Tooth tiger. The cave system is extremely large and there are still paths being discovered.

3) The Caverns of Sorona

On the intersection between the Texas Hill Country and Chihuahuan Desert are acres and acres of limestone. Beneath this sedimentary rock lies The Caverns of Sorona. This show cave is internationally known and recognized as one of the most beautiful cave shows in the U.S. The Caverns of Sorona are located fifteen miles southwest of Sonora, Texas on Interstate 10. This beautiful cave has plenty to offer, from guided tours to panhandling for gemstones.

5)Natural Bridge Caverns

Last but not least, there is the most well known cave in Texas, Natural Bridge Caverns. Located just 28 miles outside of San Antonio.Natural Bridge is currently the largest known commercial show caverns within the State of Texas. It received it’s name from the natural limestone bridge that spans the the area surrounding the cavern’s entrance. The caverns of Natural Bridge are still considered “living”, because rainwater still seeps through the ceiling of the cavern, allowing formations to slowly be created over time.

As you can see, there is plenty to do here in the Lone Star State, resident or visitor! Visit the Hills of Texas Lodging site to see the plans we offer for accommodation, or give us a call at (512) 847-5898 if you have any questions! We would love to make your stay in the Texas Hill Country a memorable one!

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