8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is famous for its scenic beauty, but did you know about these lesser-known facts and attractions?

1) Paranormal Activity

The Hill Country is home to a number of ghost stories and spooky areas, if you're into the paranormal. The Devil's Backbone is a popular, winding road that offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding scenery. The area is so haunted that it's been featured in books, TV shows, and a movie. There are rumors that a number of entities roam the area, including a Native American cattle herder, a wolf spirit, a miner's widow, Confederate soldiers, and more! If you're near Marble Falls, be sure to visit the Dead Man's Hole, or if you're near New Braunfels, check out one of their excellent ghost tours.

2) Luckenbach

Luckenbach is a small town dedicated to the Hill Country music culture, and it's well worth a visit if you love music or enjoy dancing. The town hosted an event called "Pickin' for the Record" back in August of 2009. Their goal was to set the Guinness World Record for the most guitarists gathered at one time playing continuously for at least 5 minutes. They set the world record by having over 1,800 guitarists gather (1,868 to be exact).

3) Enchanted Rock

If you're a fan of hiking, be sure to visit Enchanted Rock if you're in the Fredericksburg area or you get the opportunity travel there. Enchanted Rock is a giant pink granite rock that attracts hikers and campers all year long. Native legends state that the rock has mystical powers... but to find out for sure, you'll have to visit! The sunsets at Enchanted Rock alone make it worth the visit.

4) Canyon Lake Gorge

In 2002, the Guadalupe River flooded and water went over the spillway of the Canyon Lake reservoir, which carved the mile-long Canyon Lake Gorge. The gorge is fascinating because it reveals rocks up to 100 million years old, contains interesting fossils and a set of dinosaur tracks.

5) Texas Blind Salamander

If you aren't from the Central Texas area, you've probably never heard of this rare, endangered salamander. They can only be found in one place: the caves of the Edwards Aquifer, near San Marcos. They're a fascinating creature but sadly face the threat of extinction due to pollution and overuse of water, but fortunately efforts are being made to try and ensure their survival.

6) Dirty Bill, the Adventurous Lawn Gnome

If you thought Travelocity's Lawn Gnome was famous, you haven't seen anything until you've met Dirty Bill. He's been on more adventures than most people will ever experience in their lifetime. If you want to meet the gnome, be sure to visit Dirty Bill's in Austin; you can grab a drink and check out photos of his adventures.

7) Krause Springs

There are a lot of popular swimming destinations in the Hill Country, but one of the lesser-known, lesser-crowded attractions is Krause Springs in Spicewood. Krause Springs is a privately owned 115-acre park that features over 30 springs. Relax in the large man-made pool, or go a few rounds on the rope swing if you're feeling adventurous. Be sure to bring some cash to get in, it's $7/person, which is a great price for the experience.

8) Hiking to Gorman Falls

A scenic drive along State 16 to Colorado Bend State Park will take you to a beautiful 1.5-mile hiking trail that winds through rugged country landscape. At the end of this trail is Gorman Falls, the park's primary attraction. With a 60-foot-high limestone cliff and beautiful grotto, it's no wonder people love to visit.

These are just a few of the lesser-known features and attractions the Texas Hill Country has to offer. We'll probably have to make more guides, there's so much to see and experience! If you're looking for the perfect vacation rental home for a Hill Country getaway, feel free to browse our site and let us know if you have any questions!