6 Beautiful Lakes in the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is home to a number of beautiful lakes. Instead of listing them all, we've picked out a six that we think are worth checking out; which ones you decide to visit will depend on where in the hill country you're staying, and how far you're willing to drive.

1) Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is one of the premier Texas lakes. It's nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and is truly a place of beauty. It's fed from the amazing Guadalupe River, and has plenty of boat ramps. If you're taking a vacation near Wimberley, it's only about a 30-minute drive, and well worth the trip. There are several boat rental companies in the area if you're interested in exploring the lake a bit, or you can bring a nice picnic to enjoy at one of the many parks along the lakefront.


5 Popular Texas Hill Country Caves

When you think of Texas, you might think of a flat, rolling plain with little to no vegetation and plenty of rock formations. What you might not know is that beneath the the boots that walk and work the dry landscape are hidden gems, teeming with interesting discoveries. Caves with beautiful formations and completely out of this world atmospheres are abundant here in the Lone Star state.

1) Cave Without a Name

Cave Without a Name is a cave about eleven miles away from Boerne and forty miles away from Downtown San Antonio. Although it’s a bit on the outskirts of Central Texas, it is definitely worth the trip out. Cave Without a Name is some ninety miles beneath the Texas surface, and it gets cooler the further down you go, so it’s a great way to beat the Texas heat. The cave is filled with spectacular formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites and fragile soda straws, which have accumulated over thousands of years.

6 Fun Things To Do in the Texas Hill Country (Part I)

The Texas Hill Country is one of the most beautiful sections of Texas. Its rolling hills, plains, and rugged terrain are home to a lot of wildlife, and there's a lot to see and do. You can enjoy all of nature's beauty or experience some wonderful man-made attractions, and enjoy the lakes and rivers.

We've put together a list of six things to do in the Texas Hill Country, and we're going to follow up with more lists soon!

1) Enjoy the Water

There are a number of wonderful lakes scattered across the hill country, and it's worth a visit to any that are nearby when you're on vacation. You can go skiing or boarding, take a house boat, or just enjoy a nice relaxing swim or float on a tube. You can even catch some amazing fish! We've put together a list of several popular Texas Hill Country Lakes.

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is famous for its scenic beauty, but did you know about these lesser-known facts and attractions?

1) Paranormal Activity

The Hill Country is home to a number of ghost stories and spooky areas, if you're into the paranormal. The Devil's Backbone is a popular, winding road that offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding scenery. The area is so haunted that it's been featured in books, TV shows, and a movie. There are rumors that a number of entities roam the area, including a Native American cattle herder, a wolf spirit, a miner's widow, Confederate soldiers, and more! If you're near Marble Falls, be sure to visit the Dead Man's Hole, or if you're near New Braunfels, check out one of their excellent ghost tours.